Open any door, and you’ll be in another world…

Pamper yourself in these luxurious individual decor Theme Spas


Leave the ordinary behind. Indulge in one of our 22 different fantasy spa suites. What happens when you sample a spa suite? You enjoy more of yourself – and your partner. Our fantasy spa suites are imaginative, individual – and infinitely sensual.

With so many flavors to choose from, you can reserve one for your latest whim…

After you’ve said “I do,” it’s time to say “Let’s go!”

You’ve just made one of the most important decisions of your life. Now that the wedding is over and you’ve left the stress, you’ll want to choose one of our fantasy spa suites to fulfill all of your romantic desires.

Call today and ask about our wide variety of fantasy spa suites – each dedicated to affirming your eternal romance…

Theme rooms in hotels…

Theme rooms in hotels can be found in many places, but we stand alone in Corpus Christi with our large variety of theme rooms! Would you like to be Julius Caesar for a day? How about Al Capone in the Roaring Twenties, or maybe a sultan in the high desert?

Fantasies always reside in the mind, but there are unknown pleasures which await when they are realized! If you been looking for theme rooms in hotels, then you’ve found the best in Christy Estates Suites.

Experience your fantasies in our Fantasy Spa Suites…

Remove your robe. Dip your foot into the water. Let the bubbles tickle your body as you relax in the swirling, warm spa water…

After you’ve settled down in any of our Fantasy Spa Suites, it’s time to unwind. The only question is, which fantasy do you want to enter? Check room availability here!

From the elegance of classic Greece or Rome, to the French Quarter, to the far reaches of outer space… We have a taste for everyone.

Tiny bubbles abound in our Fantasy Spa Suites…

Let them dance, swilrl and pop near the water’s edge of our Fantasy Spa Suites. As if in a trance, you gaze at the next school of tiny bubbles dance through the water as you casually sip your drink. You scoop up a few buubles from the soothing water to indulge in its warm sensation of your own private little ocean.

Your partner smiles as they top off your glass for the next round. What more could anyone want right here, right now? This magical interlude will keep you relaxing in our Fantasy Spa Suites – and keep you coming back for more.

If you could sit here right now, you’d make a reservation immediately – TRUST US!

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The Executive Spa
The French Quarter
The Grecian
The Palace

The Sauna / Spa Suite
The Chicago
Heart to Heart
Jungle Habitat
Lion’s Den
Lucifer’s Lair
Northern Lights

Quarterback Quarters
The Red Dragon
Spock’s Spa
The Agrabah
The Cavern
The Entertainer
The Hideaway
The Metropolitan
The Wave

All of our spa suites come with king-sized beds, stereos. Some select suites come with a big-screen TV or Plasma TVs.